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Tipton East CAFO

Tipton East CAFO location on the Cooper and Moniteau County line. The red line encompasses the proposed animal waste land application area at the headwaters of Howard and West Brush Creeks.

Tipton East CAFO

In the winter of 2018, the MDNR received a permit request for Tipton East, a swine farrowing concentrated animal feeding operation (CAFO). The location is west of Clarksburg and just over the Moniteau County northern border into Cooper County (see map). The Tipton East CAFO would house 7,700 sows and generate close to five million gallons of liquid “export only” animal waste annually that would be applied to the “Wasteshed” immediately surrounding the facility.

Neighbor Alarm

Neighbors of the CAFO site in both counties questioned the public and environmental health safety of the location.  Concerns included: 

  1. Air pollution from unregulated venting of ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, and particulate matter into the neighborhood,
  2. Surface and groundwater contamination from pathogens, like E-Coli, and nutrients from poorly applied animal waste to the headwaters of the streams feeding the Moniteau Creek Watershed, the many springs in the area, and household drinking water wells in an area known to have swiss-cheese like karst bedrock.
  3. Leakage from the 10-foot deep animal waste pit underneath the facility that can crack from being built in soil that shrinks and swells, which is known to cause cracking problems, especially during droughts.

Read MCNA's public comment about Tipton East CAFO problems.

This hand-colored elevation map shows the animal waste land application area on the highest part of the land with numerous headwater streams.
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